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ISSUE #141

WebStorage API, testing in React, Vue native, and more


Web Storage API: localStorage and sessionStorage | Marcin Wanago

Web Storage API is used to store data in the browser and was introduced in HTML5. It brought us localStorage and sessionStorage. At the first glance, they seem similar. There are some important differences between them though, which is what we will talk about today. You will learn what their use-cases are and how to […]

Javascript Classes — Under The Hood | Majid

Javascript classes are nothing but a syntactic sugar over existing prototype based inheritance and constructor functions. In order to understand the idea behind JS classes we need to understand the constructor functions, prototype and other related concepts.

Hiding properties in JavaScript | Greg Rosenbaum

Sometimes, you want to define a property on an object that can’t easily be accessed by code you didn’t write.


Big Testing in React | Wil Wilsman

This is a big question, and big questions need big answers. How do we answer that question, though? With big tests. When we write and develop our applications, it’s with the intent that somebody will use it. We write tests so we can be assured that everything in our app works as expected and is bug free. But how confident are you in your tests?

Stable image component with placeholder in React | Youichi Fujimoto

In most case, showing placeholders during loading images is a good idea, especially for slow network/devices. To build React apps with such an image component, there are several things to consider from both React and DOM aspect of view.


Vue Native

Vue Native is a framework to build cross platform native mobile apps using JavaScript


Learn how to handle authentication with Node using Passport.js | Antonio Erdeljac

In this article you will learn how to handle authentication for your Node server using Passport.js. This article does not cover Frontend authentication. Use this to configure your Backend authentication (Generate token for each user & protect routes).

How express.js works - Understanding the internals of the express library ⚙️ | Soham Kamani

If you’ve worked on web application development in node, it’s likely you’ve heard of express.js. Express is one of the most popular lightweight web application frameworks for node.

Building REST services with Serverless framework, in Node.js, AWS Lambda and DynamoDB | David Herron

Serverless computing is a very popular approach to building server-side applications, and the Serverless framework claims to be the most flexible way to build Serverless applications. Rather than stick with a given particular Serverless implementation from Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft or others, the Serverless framework abstracts away the particulars of each.


Developing a Mobile App with GraphQL | Artem Yavorsky

How our Float Schedule App handles thousand of items at the same time using React Native.


Desktop apps using Electron, Preact and Material Design | Carlos Justiniano

Recently, I found myself wanting to build an ElectronJS based application. It’s the kind of mental itch we developers routinely feel needs scratching. In the 90s I spent what seemed like a lifetime building desktop apps using C/C++ on the Windows platform. So admittedly, the thought of revisiting desktop development seemed a bit nostalgic.



Standalone, framework-agnostic JavaScript library that enables recording, replaying, and stubbing HTTP interactions.

Announcing winston@3.0.0

Winston is the most popular logging solution for Node.js. In fact, when measured in public npm downloads winston is so popular that it has more usage than the top four comparable logging solutions combined.


GitHub - callbag/callbag

👜 A standard for JS callbacks that enables lightweight observables and iterables

GitHub - codeaholicguy/wowcup

⚽ 💻 The finest Worldcup 2018 CLI.

GitHub - Simonwep/pickr

Flat, simple and hackable Color-Picker. No dependencies, no jQuery. Compatible with all CSS Frameworks e.g. Bootstrap, Materialize.

GitHub - craigmhughes/TidyTube

Chrome Extension for disabling possibly distracting YouTube content.


How to Prevent Your Users from Using Breached Passwords | Randall Degges

This article walks you though using PassProtect.js, a new developer library that ensures your user's won't use breached passwords. It is powered by haveibeenpwned.

Recognizing images using Tensorflow.JS in browser | Gufran Mirza

Using TensorFlow.js model to classify handwritten digits with a convolutional neural network.