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ISSUE #142

Does it mutate, default params, JavaScript decorators and more


Does it mutate?

The nice list of things that can mutate or not your JavaScript object.

JavaScript default parameters | Kent C. Dodds

The expressive power of expressions in default values for parameters

A minimal guide to ECMAScript Decorators | Uday Hiwarale

A short introduction to “decorators” proposal in JavaScript with basic examples and little bit about ECMAScript

Regular expressions: Tricks you should know | David Mellul

This week I’ve been using regular expressions quite a lot and I wanted to share with you some very useful tricks I’ve learnt along the year.

Github Stars !== Usage: React is still blowing Vue and Angular Away | KBall

Last week there was a fairly momentous occurance in the JavaScript framework world: Vue.js passed React.js in the number of people who have 'starred' it on Github.


Threads in Node 10.5.0: a practical intro | Fernando Doglio

A few days ago, version 10.5.0 of Node.js was released and one of the main features it contained was the addition of initial (and experimental) thread support. This is interesting, specially coming from a language that’s always pride itself of not needed threads thanks to it’s fantastic async I/O. So why would we need threads in Node?



A nice introduction to React.

Should we use React Native? – Exposition | Charlie Cheever

The big news in the React Native world this week was that Airbnb published a lengthy, five-part blog post announcing and explaining their decision to stop using React Native and remove it from their codebase, in favor of a Swift/Obj-C/Java/Kotlin development that leverages new technology they are building for cross platform server rendering.


Raj - The Elm Architecture for JavaScript

Raj solves two problems: state management and running side-effects. These problems are the hardest problems in building client applications.


Turn Website Into Mobile App? — I Have Four Options For You | Oleksii Shevchenko

An MVP strategy is all about figuring out how to get users to pick up your product, validate product/market-fit, and jump-start the iteration process. Later, when you’re getting traction you can focus on delivering a compelling user experience; but in the beginning, it’s all about getting that initial user feedback.

face-api.js — JavaScript API for Face Recognition in the Browser with tensorflow.js | Vincent Mühler

A JavaScript API for Face Detection, Face Recognition and Face Landmark Detection

Matter.js (physics engine) tutorial for the absolute JS beginner

Physics engine is a program that allows you to simulate real-world physics in your apps: falling and sliding boxes, bouncing balls, chains etc. It is a great way to experiment with JavaScript, even at the absolute beginner level because it allows the programmer to create applications that look really cool without any advanced programming concepts.

How Stream Built a Modern RSS Reader With JavaScript | Nick Parsons

The tech stack behind Stream and the real application and data infrastructure, utilities, devops, and business tools Stream is using


✨ Immensely upgrade your development environment with these Visual Studio Code extensions | Indrek Lasn

Some of my dear readers requested that I write about the extensions I use — so here we go!