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ISSUE #146

10 things to learn about JavaScript, GraphQL tutorial, and more

Hi there 👋 This is Ianis. Sorry for the 2-weeks pause. I was on holiday, and I was lazy. Didn't really read anything, and so had nothing to share. This wee I'm back, so enjoy your latest WJS issue!


10 Things You Will Eventually Learn About JavaScript Projects | The Cat with a Dragon Tattoo

A collection of slightly obvious but nevertheless important rules for coding in JavaScript.


How to create a node js command line tool with yargs middleware | Khaled Garbaya

Node is ideal for CLI with lots of mature tools through the ecosystem. In this article, you'll know how to use one of the most popular of them called yargs to build a CLI tool.

GraphQL Server Tutorial with Apollo Server and Express | RWieruch

The last part in this 4-part series on GraphQL. Author goes from why to how. Really detailed article, not a page-turner.


Simple internationalization of React apps | Tomas Ehrlich

This in intro article by the author of a popular alternative solution to react-intl. Is is called jsLingui.


Dockerise your Nuxt SSR App like a boss! (A True Vue Vixens story)

A small piece on how to make your JavaScript application into a docker container.


Property based testing | Anders Candasamy

An interesting approach to testing, where the input parameters are variable instead of being constant as in your regular unit testing.