ISSUE #164

Chrome 73 DevTools, What is the Functor, and more


Chrome 73 - What’s New in DevTools

New to DevTools in Chrome 73

JS Foundation and Node.js Foundation join forces | Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

Did the world really need two enterprise JavaScript foundations? No. No, it didn't. So, now, under the auspices of the Linux Foundation, JS Foundation and Node.js Foundation have come together to form the OpenJS Foundation.


Building objects progressively with the builder pattern in javascript | Enmanuel Durán

The builder pattern allows us to create objects gradually as we consume or process information, in this article we'll be understanding how it works with some examples and definitions.

What the Functor? | Matthew Gerstman

A monad is just a monoid in the category of endofunctors, what's the problem? Hopefully, you'll understand this when we're done.


React-redux: release v7.0.0-beta.0

Official React bindings for Redux. Contribute to reduxjs/react-redux development by creating an account on GitHub.

How We Migrated from AngularJS to React/Redux in 2 Weeks | Arsene Toumani

In January 2017 when my business partner and I decided to build the MVP of our FinTech SaaS platform Systelos, I chose to build it in AngularJS. This decision was made with the understanding that the…

React Training: React Router v5

Expert React training from the creators of React Router and Reach UI

How to Use Sass and Styled Components in a React JS Application | Tim Smith

Today we will be covering a few popular methods to style our React JS applications such as Styled Components and Sass to explain the benefits of both.


Why are we creating a JavaScript-only World Wide Web? | Shan Plourde

It’s 2019, and the vast majority of new websites tend to be built with JavaScript. They often require JavaScript to run in the end-user’s web browser in order to function. Should you disable…


Pika | A Future Without Webpack

Search npm for fast, small, and modern web packages.Our catalog only includes packages that are built with modern ESM syntax and a package.json 'module' entrypoint.


Adding Search to Your Site with JavaScript | David Walsh

Static website generators like Gatsby and Jekyll are popular because they allow the creation of complex, templated pages that can be hosted anywhere. But the awesome simplicity of website generators is also limiting. Search is particularly hard. How do you allow users to search when you have no server functions and no database? With JavaScript! […]


What color are the squares? Optical illusion in JavaScript

Look at these blue spinning squares! I mean black. I mean blue. Are they blue or black? The answer is: yes.

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