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Front-end Developer Handbook 2019, JavaScript Tricks, TypeScript Type Guards, And More


Front-end Developer Handbook 2019 - Learn the entire JavaScript, CSS and HTML development practice!

This is a guide that everyone can use to learn about the practice of front-end development.

7 Useful JavaScript Tricks

Just like every other programming language, JavaScript has dozens of tricks to accomplish both easy and difficult tasks. Some tricks are widely known while others are enough to blow your mind. Let's have a look at seven JavaScript tricks you can start using today!

Adding numbers using Boolean operations in JavaScript

You know how to add numbers progmatically, right? 1 + 1 will basically give you 2. Numbers are added in binary form down in machine level.…



I've created this repo with JavaScript exercises. Actually most of those are handy JavaScript functions that you need to implement from the ground up. Solve them one by one by fixing the tests. Or checkout the solutions branch.

JSEX Solution pt 1

I've also recorded a little video where I solve them one by one. Solving real-time turned up to be hard, so I've edited a lot...

JavaScript Upgrade 🚀

There are new videos in my JSU series as well. It is a paid one but feel free to write me if you're a student or a non-profit for a free subscription.


TypeScript: Keeping Type Guards Safe And Up To Date | Michal Szorád

I switched to TypeScript just few months ago and since then I realized I will probably never go back to a language that is not statically typed. I enjoy TypeScript as much as I can, but the Type Guards have been something that I was not completely certain of.


How to create a Timeline Component with React | Florin Pop

Learn how to create a Timeline Component with React


ReasonML with React Hooks Tutorial — Building a Pomodoro Timer

ReasonML is a programming language that combines the simplicity of JavaScript with the performance of OCaml. JavaScript programmers should give ReasonML a try. Reason inherits OCaml's typesystem as well as the approachability of JavaScript.


How to build a large Vue application | Michael Lin

The MVVM of the Observable model gives Vue a natural advantage in small and medium-sized Web applications, but with the growing popularity of Vue, Vue’s use in large projects is slightly awkward…


My experience using micro frontends | David Den Toom

Micro frontends are rising in popularity, and for very good reasons. If you are not aware what micro frontends are, I would suggest reading this article. I’ve been working with micro frontends for…


Writing a Snake Game for the Terminal in Object-Oriented JavaScript (Node.js) | Tania Rascia

Usually when you think of a JavaScript game, you probably imagine something played in the browser, either rendered to the DOM or in an HTML5 canvas element. For a recent Node.js project, I wanted to render pixels to a terminal interface instead of a browser. For this, I was going to need to find and learn how to use a terminal UI library like curses. The most popular one in the JavaScript environment is blessed.

Create an Angular 7 + Google Authenticator + Node JS Web App with Two-Factor Authentication

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to easily enable and integrate the 2-Factor Authentication in an Angular-7 app using Node JS as the back-end technology along with Google Authenticator, that provides Time based — One Time Password(TOTP)

Making a Calendar in Vanilla Javascript

Arguably, time is the best and worst built-in function in Javascript. For my most recent project, I had the idea to make a bastardized Google calendars. I naively figured that making a general, functional calendar would be straightforward and allow me plenty of time to build out my site. I so was wrong.


Flying a Drone With Javascript | Dave Bennett

Here is how I spend my weekends, flying a drone with javascript and NodeJS. Using the DJI Tello, it's very easy to do.


GitHub - kubesail/deploy-node-app

Deploy your node.js app to Kubernetes with a single command. No config required.

Weekend JavaScript

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