ISSUE #169

React Design System From Uber, Building New Facebook, and more


77% Off On My JavaScript Video Series

The deal is still on. I've also update the website with a cool dark theme. The latest videos are: JSEX Solutions — implement reduce, flatten, curry, debounce and other handy JavaScript functions (free), Lodash: Working with arrays, The Spread ... Operator, React Hooks, more on the website.


Phantom props, unnecessary renders and what no one told me about memo() | Dana Janoskova

After reading a few articles about boosting your app’s performance (or rather stopping using your resources wastefully) — kudos to other Medium writers - I decided to implement some of the best practices to a work project I’m currently leading. I’d like to share some insights with you I found along the way.


Introducing Base Web, Uber’s New Design System for Building Websites in React

Base Web is a React component library which implements the Base design language to act as a device-agnostic foundation for easily creating web applications.

Application State Management with React

Managing state is arguably the hardest part of any application. It's why there are so many state management libraries available and more coming around every day (and even some built on top of others... There are hundreds of "easier redux" abstractions on npm). Despite the fact that state management is a hard problem, I would suggest that one of the things that makes it so difficult is that we often over-engineer our solution to the problem.


Remote Development with Visual Studio Code

VS Code remote support for WSL, Containers, and SSH


Building the New with React, GraphQL and Relay

Open source projects like React, GraphQL and Relay are powering more and more Facebook services. In this session, we'll discuss how we use the latest features of these technologies, like React Suspense, to help deliver a high quality, modern web experience at Facebook.


Why and how I built my own alternative of the GitHub's UI | Krasimir Tsonev

I'm using Git and GitHub in particular a lot. And when I say a lot I really mean all the time. Recently I tracked a week of work and found that 62% of my working time goes into code reviews. Sometimes I'm checking out a branch locally and trying stuff but really most of my time goes into I spent some time analyzing why the code review process is so time consuming for me. I identified couple of reasons, made a tool and changed some of my habits. In this article I'll show you how I improved my code review speed and lower the time to 38%. / blog of Krasimir Tsonev - front and back-end developer who writes for web

How to Build a Multiplayer (.io) Web Game, Part 1 -

A deep dive into the client-side Javascript of an .io game.


Life After Google — Map For Your Web App | Oleksandr Dubenko

How to add and customize vector maps in javascript.

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