ISSUE #172

Promises, JS Clean Code Best Practices, Virtual DOM, And More


Promise.race vs. Promise.any And Promise.all vs. Promise.allSettled

What’s new in JavaScript (Google I/O ’19) on May 8, 2019 showed what’s coming/available for static Promise combinator methods, Promise.allSettled and Promise.any. There are already two methods available in modern browsers, Promise.all and Promise.race. Let’s take a look at differences and how each method works.


GitHub - amejiarosario/dsa.js

Data Structures and Algorithms explained and implemented in JavaScript.

JavaScript's forEach is very slow!

I'm currently drinking fairly heavily from the function programming Kool-Aid and have been using it extensively in new projects. I've found that a lot of inner logic can be very elegantly written in a function programming style. Most of my game projects are written for the web using JavaScript (or more specifically TypeScript). However I was recently made aware of how much slower many of JavaScript's functional style routines are compared to their non-functional counterparts. It saddened me.

Javascript Cheatsheet

A basic JavaScript cheat sheet for beginner and advanced developers.


JavaScript Clean Code - Best Practices

If you care about the code itself and how it is written, instead only worrying does it work or not, you can say that you practice and care about the clean code. A professional developer will write the code for the future self and for the "other guy" not just for the machine. Any code you write is never written just once rather it will sit down and wait for the future guy and make him miserable. Hopefully, that future guy won't be you.


Virtual DOM is pure overhead

Let's retire the 'virtual DOM is fast' myth once and for all


Strict null checking the Visual Studio Code codebase

Strict null checking the Visual Studio Code codebase


Managing a Secure JSON Web Token Implementation

Learn to securely manage a JSON Web Token implementation. From signing algorithms, expiration policies, and key management, get ready to take your understanding to the next level.

Ryan Dahl. Deno, a new way to JavaScript. JS Fest 2019 Spring

The talk from JS Fest conference in Kyiv, Ukraine. Presentation: Fb: Website:


Cutting our webpack build times in half 🕰

One of our big problems was duplicate dependencies, both inside 1 singular bundle, but also 1 singular page. We used some techniques I’ve previously blogged about, to understand what is in our bundle.


GitHub - victorvoid/dinoql

A customizable GraphQL style query language for interacting with JavaScript objects.

GitHub - LikaloLLC/tourguide.js

A simple, lightweight, clean and small library for creating guided product tours for your web app. - LikaloLLC/tourguide.js


WebGL Fluid Simulation

A WebGL fluid simulation that works in mobile browsers.


JavaScript Upgrade Screencast

So you know, apart from this newsletter I also run a screencast series exploring the latest JavaScript trends, and solutions. A new video comes every weekend. Here are the last ones: "A Quick Introduction To TypeScript", "Building a Chrome Extension With React", and "Trello-like task manager with react-beautiful-dnd" (comes tomorrow). More are coming. 👋 For the WeekendJS subscribers, this link will give you 22% off. See ya!

Weekend JavaScript

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