ISSUE #191

Service workers, top-level await in V8, and more


Introduction to Service Workers in JavaScript

Service workers are a core part of Progressive Web Apps that allow caching of resources and "web push notifications" (, among other things, to create an effective offline experience.

Command Line Heroes: Season 3: Creating JavaScript

A mission to set the course of the world wide web in its early days. 10 days to get it done. The result? An indispensable language that changed everything.

Top-level await · V8

Top-level await is coming to JavaScript modules! You’ll soon be able to use await without needing to be in an async function.

GitHub - nas5w/javascript-patterns: A collection of javascript algorithms, patterns, and techniques

A collection of javascript algorithms, patterns, and techniques - nas5w/javascript-patterns

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, JavaScript Adaptation

Educators, generals, dieticians, psychologists, and parents program. Armies, students, and some societies are programmed. An assault on large problems employs a succession of programs, most of which spring into existence en route. These programs are rife with issues that appear to be particular to the problem at hand.


⭐ Introducing Weekend JavaScript Premium

JavaScript Premium (ex "JavaScript Upgrade") is a premium addition to the Weekend JavaScript newsletter where we review a cool JavaScript language feature, a library, a shiny new framework, and sometimes even the entirely new languages for the Web once a week. Use this link to get a discount.


The 5 Best Libs for Accessible React Applications | Rafael Quintanilha

Accessibility is in high demand and these libraries will save you time.


Vue 3 – A roundup of infos about the new version of Vue.js

By now you're probably aware we're getting a shiny new version of Vue. Until the release of Vue 3, we want to collect all valuable infos and resources in this article for you, so you'll be up-to-date.


Quick Intro to Using Svelte to Create a Native Mobile App

Svelte is a new tool web developers have been using to create blazing fast web apps. Svelte Native takes that same framework and makes it available to use with NativeScript! Read on for a brief intro to Svelte Native and why you might just want to try it out for your next mobile app.


Face Detection Using JavaScript API — face-api.js - Towards Data Science | Deepak Gupta

In this article, we will learn about face detection (Age/Gender/Face Positions/Mood) using face-api.js and the nearby object detection (Person/Phone etc) using coco-ssd model on the web browser…


Interactive Fluid Simulation

Interactive Fluid Simulation: Interactive Fluid Simulation by Pavel Dobryakov

Retro nostalgia & why my new website looks like Window 9x | Ash Kyd

I was feeling particularly nostalgic for the days of Geocities and floppy disks, so my new homepage is all the best bits of that idealized past.


Aligning With Intention In Open Source - Twilio

Learn to prioritize work in open source software projects so you can feel more satisfied with the impact of your contributions.

Interview with a Pornhub Web Developer | David Walsh

Regardless of your stance on pornography, it would be impossible to deny the massive impact the adult website industry has had on pushing the web forward. From pushing the browser’s video limits to pushing ads through WebSocket so ad blockers don’t detect them, you have to be clever to innovate at the bleeding edge of

Why Coding Your Own Makes You a Better Developer - Better Programming - Medium | Danny Moerkerke

The other day I interviewed for a senior developer position with a JavaScript developer. My colleague, who was also in the interview, asked the interviewee to write a function that would perform an…


GitHub - jwilber/roughViz: Reusable JavaScript library for creating sketchy/hand-drawn styled charts in the browser.

Reusable JavaScript library for creating sketchy/hand-drawn styled charts in the browser. - jwilber/roughViz

GitHub - lirantal/is-website-vulnerable: finds publicly known security vulnerabilities in a website's frontend JavaScript libraries

finds publicly known security vulnerabilities in a website's frontend JavaScript libraries - lirantal/is-website-vulnerable

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